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Hello! Im so excited to step out of my comfort zone and invite everyone into my world to see what I see! First, I want to start off by giving a little background. I have always enjoyed being behind the camera, it all started when I was in high school and I had the opportunity to take a photography class! Not only did I look at it as an easy way out class (shhh) but something that I was genuinely interested in :) Although we weren't allowed to use digital camera's, so learning how to develop our own film was the objective of the class.

Although I didn't take it any further after high school, I was able to use my creativity in other ways, such as starting my own company as a stylist!

So I have this obsession with taking pictures of everyone and everything, and although I did take some online classes for phone photography, I still had the urge to invest in a camera.

These were my reasons for investing in a camera:

1. My children are growing and I need to document everything as an obsessive mother

2. What if one day my memory fails, I will need photos to remember me being an obsessive mother

3. I truly enjoy capturing people and things in their natural state/habitat!

So with these reasons, I needed a camera.

I did so much research on what intermediate camera to invest in, and I decided to go with a Canon. No its not the new top of the line model, in fact it is a used camera from 2006 (baby steps here!) The best thing about Canons is that their quality is so amazing, other than eventually investing in a newer lens, I should be happy for some time.

I have so many goals and dreams with photography and am so blessed to have the time to grow an amazing and fun hobby!

I hope you enjoy my world from my point of view and of course my cute family and everyone that is lucky enough to be apart of my obsessive mother situation :)

My first collection is titled "Beaux's first WA adventure"

We decided to go venturing out on a cold, windy, very beautiful day. Down to Dash Point in Federal Way, this was such a different beach compared to the beautiful North Shore on Oahu! It took awhile for Beaux to "warm up" (pun intended) to the sand and cold breeze, but eventually there were plenty of smiles and pointing at seagulls for me to capture my curious 1 year old in action.

From there we decided to continue our adventure to the Dash Point pier, not to brag but we had the whole pier to ourselves and I made sure no one would block my shot to capture all of the amazement on Beaux's face when he realized that we were walking on water! Next time we will make sure to bring our fishing poles and sunglasses to make sure we fit the part!

* Beaux's outfit is from OshKosh

* Pictures were taken with a Canon Rebel XTI 400D in 35MM and 24MM


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