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Adventure to Alki

Hello all!

This year for the holidays, we were lucky enough to get to spend a mini vaca at my parents house! So we decided to take a morning walk down to Alki on Christmas eve. For the longest time, it felt like we had the whole beach to ourselves and it was so beautiful!

I think that the last time that I had been to Alki was almost 3 years ago, during those times I completely took the beauty of Alki for granted. It made perfect sense to me now why so many people take their loved ones who are not from WA to Alki and tour all of its beauty!

Watching the ferries go back and forth along with all of the seagulls flying above us, personally made my morning. If that doesn't scream Seattle, than I don,t know what does.

It was so funny to me to watch Beaux walk on the wet packed sand and wondering what in the world it is. Beaux hates when his hands get dirty, so every fall he took was all an "ugh oh" moment!

It was such a gorgeous day that we had to hop back into our car and travel over to a dock with the perfect view of the city skyline. Once we got there my daughter Alexa knew the best places to strike a pose, we also watched for seals, in which we did succeed at finding!

Maybe one day we will be able to take scuba classes and explore Puget Sound (I may change my determination with that thought though).

*All photos were taken with a Canon400D XTI

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