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Trevor and Alisha forever

Hello all!

I am so excited to share my very first lifestyle shoot! Its far from perfect, but was a great opportunity to get a feel for what I ultimately want to achieve.

Lets start with Trevor and Alisha, not only are they absolutely perfect together, but this was their very first photo shoot as a couple! Knowing this, I tried my hardest to prepare them for all the love that I was about to capture! I wanted this to be so special for them, so I broke down the shoot from different poses to all the way down to what colors they should wear to make sure they stand out in their picture setting!

Honestly for someone who was so prepared, I truly believe that capturing loved ones or people candidly is the best way to go. Once Trevor and Alisha started getting comfortable, is when the magic started to happen. By the end of the shoot i'm pretty sure Trevor was giving more direction than anyone!

On top of the amazing venue that we were at (name to remain unknown as a surprise for other potential lifestyle shoots) there was another photographer there shooting as well. She let me know that as common courtesy from one photographer to another, that she would let us use her rental space for a short period of time, since she had it rented for the entire day! We took full advantage of course :)

I really think the only thing that I would change about this shoot, would be starting earlier. Little did Trevor and Alisha know was that no matter what, the love that they shared together would have made for a great shoot no matter what.

Thank you so much Trevor and Alisha for letting me be the one to capture just a small portion of the love that you have for each other! My wheels are already spinning for our next shoot!

*you can see the whole album at

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