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Alex and Brittnie

Hi all!

So excited to share with you a beautiful arranged photo shoot that I have created! I wanted to explore a vision that I had been "pinteresting" for some time. Luckily I have the most amazing friends, who not only are willing to see my vision but whole heartily game to let me express my vision through my photos!

So with vague explanation and being desperate enough to get the shot I want, I was able to convenience Brittnie and Alex to make the drive to Gold Creek Pond up in the mountains past the West summit of Snoqualmie!

After much inspiration, I didn't want to just create a couple's photo shoot, I needed it to be an engagement shoot! What I envision a true PNW engagement to be is a snowy, one on one kind of love. It is so amazing that we as Washingtonians are able to access the gorgeous mountains with only a 45 min drive!

For our set up I wanted the Pantone color of the year (coral) to be the stand out color. So I recommended a simple counteracting color scheme, black and blue against the all white background and snow topped trees. For our set up we had a vintage sled (thanks dad!), forest green blanket, two champagne glasses (thanks mom!) a bottle of rose` and coral roses!

I honestly cant even describe how beautiful the scenery looked once we made our way to the pond, there was not a sound in the sky, the water looked like a skating rink and the trees were so epically tall. I set the blanket up in front of the island of trees that were dead center of the lake. Yes we were all freezing, but the excitement kept us all warm for about 30 min haha.

Now for the exciting part! The proposal that every female dreams about (well for some of us that is) Alex got down on one knee and nervously ask's Brittnie to be his special someone for the rest of his life, with joy and complete surprise Brittnie nervously excepts! They hug and kiss and see their future before their eyes, do you see what i'm seeing? A champagne toast is beyond what needed to happen next!

After the bubbly was gone and everyone was warm again I wanted to take advantage of the 'newly engaged' couple's excitement!

These are some of my favorite photo's that I captured and I cant wait to for you to see how the love story ends :)

and more love...

All of these photo's were shot with a 24-70MM lens<<< absolutely spoiled at this point!

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