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Washington State Capitol


Well with the holidays finally over I have been able to get my camera back in my hands and adventure with my little ones! This also low key means that I was able to get a rental car since our other car hasn't arrived in WA yet! With this being said we decided to take a trip to Olympia, WA!

Of course the weather was not exactly what we wanted when we arrived, in fact it was pouring down rain. So we drove around in my ultimate mom van rental deciding if we even wanted to stay or turn back around.

Finally we agreed on parking (which was on $2.00!) and wait it out, although once we parked it suddenly stopped raining!

So we took that as a sign and hopped out, pretty much jogged to the capitol and snapped some photos. Alexa thought this was the white house, so I kindly reminded her about 15 times that was no where near the white house and explained where we were. Did it stick you may ask? Ummmm pretty sure she still thinks it was the white house!

Even though it wasn't raining anymore, it was for sure freezing, in fact at one point Beaux was so cold he was shivering so Alexa and I ran over and grabbed the blanket, wrapped him up like a burrito and made sure he became an oven!

So to fit the mood (of freezing cold) I decided to play with a dark and moody preset and in my opinion it turned out very fitting!

I also have started teaching Alexa how to shoot, I know she has an artistic eye, so no better time than the present to start having her practice!

*All photos were shot with a Canon 400D XTI

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