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Thursdays are for the GOATS

Hello all!

I haven't written in awhile (thanks to the up and coming busy wedding season) but I figured that this outing would be well worth the time!

First of all, so excited that the Washington weather has taken a turn for the best, pretty sure that no one can complain about the beautiful blue skies and 70 degree weather that we have been getting after all of the snow that we received! Now that spring has made an appearance, we have been able to get out of the house and start adventuring again. Lately we have also been supporting small businesses and farms have been on our list for awhile.

So I went ahead and did some research for a little mid-week adventure to a local farm for fresh eggs and came across LEFT FOOT FARM in Eatonville. Family owned and in numerous farmer's markets around the state, they are known for their goats and chickens!

Honestly, this is one of the pretties hens I have ever seen! Beaux wasn't to sure at first until mommy and daddy showed him that it was safe to pet and how soft her feathers were!

Our next stop was to see the "kids" at play!

Ugh this was my favorite part because not only was my heart so happy to see all these little baby goats but Beaux's face was priceless!

I think he was more in shock that the goats were saying what sounded like MUM!

After warming up to the little 'kids' I think Beaux wanted to take them home with us!

It was feeding time for the little goats so food was on their mind, so they would come out in groups and what was awesome was that there were different breeds, long eared, short eared, miniature and large sized. Some of the goats even thought that our shoe laces along with hair was food :)

More goats...

Of course I had to get goats giving kisses and hugs!

Mum and dad needed to be near by just in case any goats wanted to try eating Beaux's hair again!

All in all I would say that our experience was well worth the drive, we left with duck eggs and chicken eggs, I also got to try goats milk for the first time! Loved everything about our adventure and will for sure have to make another trip for fresh eggs and to show our support!

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